Your amazing RAS

My amazing what, I hear you say.

Have you ever bought or been thinking about getting a new car and for some reason you see that car everywhere?

What about our lady readers who have had babies? Can you recall when you were pregnant how many other pregnant women you seemed to see everywhere?

RAS stands for Reticular Activating System and its an amazing part of your brain that acts like a filter for all the information that comes to you through your senses (word reticular origin comes from netlike ie it catches important information).

In anyone one instant of time, we are literally bombarded with billions of bits of information through our senses. Your RAS only lets a small amount through to your conscious mind to process. Its a bit like a compass for your brain.

Close your eyes now and for 10 seconds, take note of all the different sounds you can hear…

Now think about how many of those sounds you were hearing before you did this exercise, could you see what your RAS just did?

Because of the huge volume of information that hits our senses every second, if we didn’t have a RAS our brains would be overloaded and we couldn’t handle all this information and would probably have melt down.

So how does the RAS decide what information gets through to your conscious mind?

Quite simply anything we are have strong feelings about. When you were getting that new car, you were more than likely quite excited about it, similarly for our pregnant ladies, voila, guess what your brain noticed.

Now this is an extremely powerful tool.

What if all the answers to your greatest challenges are always around you, but you are just not setting your RAS up correctly to see them?

This is one of the major reasons when I start with a new client, one of the first things I help them to do, is get really clear and excited about what they want in life and business. This exercise alone more often than not will enable them to see circumstances and opportunities that have been there all along that they were not tuned into.

Using your RAS can be a very powerful tool to use when you are having meetings. Take a few moments to get clear on how you would like the outcomes of the meeting to be, feel how you would feel when you have those outcomes achieved. Now be prepared to let your RAS guide you. That is not to say you still don’t need to be prepared for the meeting, but this additional action step may prove the difference.

A word of warning

Now this is all well and good, but here is the warning.

The RAS is driven by how you feel about certain things, the stronger the feeling the greater its activation.

The thing is, it works for positive and negative feelings!

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right and everything just turns to ….. well you know. That is your RAS doing its job.

So here is my tip, following on to my opening quote for this week, have a bad 30 minutes not a bad day. You can do this by shifting your feelings (yes you can do this if you put some work in). For me I will read some of my past client testimonials, play some of my favourite music or look at pictures of my kids. I will do anything that makes me feel better than I do currently, because I know if I don’t my RAS will find me more things to feel negative about, that is its job.

So be very clear on what you want, make sure that you feel positive about it too.

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