Why would I want to work for you? – The Importance of Your Vision.

If a potential employee said this to you, I would imagine your first reaction to reading the above heading might be quite, shall we say prickly, maybe even offensive?

Some of the thoughts that may go through your mind…

- Because you get paid.

- You should be grateful for a chance at this job.

- You cheeky bugger, who do you think you are?

What I am about to say maybe possibly a very confronting, you get the people you deserve. If you want to have great people work for you need to be a great boss or leader in your business. You need to provide reasons other than giving them a job and paycheque.

One of the key challenges a lot businesses owners are facing today with the current generation coming through is that they are pushing owners to play a better game (in fact if you look through history this has always happened, that is how we have evolved to be where we are today!)

If you don't have something to offer beyond a stable pay check and work environment, your business will be left behind in this rapidly evolving market and world of ours, no matter what business you are in.

The best way to attract, retain and grow great employees is to have a strong vision for your business, where they believe they are able to contribute and make a difference, way beyond just a paycheque.

So what is a business vision?

A vision is something you see, it is how you would like your business to look like when it is finished.

This maybe a simple as being the number 1 of your business in your area, or it maybe something as profound as World Abundance through Business Re-Education. It may even be something beyond your lifetime, maybe it is something you set up for future generations of your family to run and own.

A vision must do 3 things for you and your team or potential employees…

1. Engage

2. Enrol

3. Inspire

A vision is not for your customers either. A vision is something internal for you and your fellow team members. If it doesn't get you excited about getting out of bed to get out there and work on delivering your vision, how or why in the hell do you think your team will be excited to work for you.

It is also a very important part of the recruitment process. If the potential team member is not excited by the prospect of joining you and your other employees to get on board and work towards the vision, then they are probably not for your business.

Creating a company vision can take sometime, so don't rush it. Think about words that you find inspiring and how they may apply to something bigger you and your team could strive for. If you are stuck, start with becoming the number 1 for your business type in your area.

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