Why profit is not about the money

Money is a highly charged topic for most people, when most people think of profit it triggers all the emotions that money does, good and bad.

This is often one of the reasons why some people’s profits don’t look so good, is because they have a subconscious blocking or limiting belief around money.

So, what if we reframed the word profit to number of people who you had a positive impact on?

For example…

What if for every person you had a positive impact on, with your product or service, it was the same as adding $1000 to the bottom-line profit of your business?

This strategy works extremely well when you are clear on what your highest values are. (google “John Demartini values assessment” for more information on finding your values)

For example, my 3 highest values, or the things that provide me with the greatest fulfillment and joy in life are:

1. Building extraordinary businesses

2. Raising conscious kids (my kids that is LOL)

3. Learning about business and life

So whilst I have profit targets for my business, my focus is on helping others to build extraordinary businesses, my kids, and preparing them for life and learning.

When I focus on these activities my business is most profitable and most likely to hit its profit targets. This in turn finances my top 3 values in this cool positive spiral that helps me get more of what I find fulfilling which helps me with making more profit which helps me get more of what I…..you get the idea.

How would your business be if you focused on helping your clients get more of what they want?

Zig Ziglar summed it up when he said, “you can have anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want”.

For more information on how to get more of what you want visit www.businessmentored.com

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