Where to find your ideal employee

Hiring new team members would have to be the number 1 challenge I hear from most business owners. It can be hard to find great employees without a system, so here is mine.

Lets start with the Golden rules of Recruitment;

1. Hire on attitude and train for skill

2. Hire slow fire fast

3. Always be hiring (worst time to hire is when you have to).

It helps to have a clear company vision, mission and culture that you can use to attract the right people who resonate with these key areas.

Once you have defined the following elements for your ideal candidates;

· Position Description

· DiSC Profile

· Motivators Profile

You can write the job advert to post or create a script for general conversations to begin looking for your ideal candidates.

Now think about where your ideal candidates may be hanging out in the greatest concentration.

Here is a suggested list of some of the places you could advertise…

1. Seek.com.au

2. Indeed.com.au

3. Au.jora.com

4. Gumtree.com.au

5. Facebook ads

6. Facebook groups

7. Facebook page

8. Facebook personal

9. Friends Facebook pages, ask them to share

10. Linkedin Ads

11. Linkedin Groups

12. Linked in personal

13. Add to email signature.

14. Clients

15. Suppliers

16. Friends

17. Family

18. Your company website – have a page “We are hiring” running all the time.

19. Sporting clubs you are part of and where your candidates may hangout

20. Hobby type clubs where your candidates may hangout

21. School Newsletters if you think a parent may be a candidate

22. Signage on back of vehicles – “We are hiring – email hiring@yourcompany.com.au to find out more”

23. Education institutions – TAFE, Universities, Youth training etc

24. Employment agencies that get funding from governments to place people

25. Recruitment agencies (last resort as these guys are usually very expensive)

Now think about your interview and screening/auditioning process, phone message, group interview, skills tests, one on one interview and reference checks.

Remember, follow the system.

Want to find out more, book a time to chat.

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