What the heck is AIDA? - Part 2

I is for Interest

Just like when a fish is swimming along and a bait catches its eye, it is drawn into to take a closer look. Similarly, now that we have the attention of the suspect, we want to build their desire in getting their hands on what we are offering.

The way we do this is by way of introducing what they are looking for and how our offering is may be a exactly what they are looking for.

We use key words or phrases that the suspect will be able to connect quickly and directly with. For example, with some of my clients we have done a direct mail campaign that includes a panadol headache tablet, whereby we build interest by telling them that our product or service will take away their headaches.

D is for Desire

If we go back to the fishing analogy, we now have the fish circling our bait looking closely and smelling it. Now its time to crank up the desire so they bite.

There is a saying, when you can articulate someones problems better than they can they believe you have the solution.

Now we will present not only the features of our product or service, but most importantly the benefits. You see a feature is a logic point. Most adverts contain a bunch of features, such as “licensed tradesman”, “36 month guarantee” or “24 hour delivery time”.

The thing is people buy based on emotion, that is the benefits they will get from buying. They don't buy based on logical left brain points. They will however use logic points to justify the emotional purchase decision.

To turn a left brain logical feature into a right brain emotional benefit, is easy. All we need to is insert the words “so you” then include the emotional benefit. For example;

- Licensed tradesman so you know the job will done correctly the first and you wont waste time having them come back again and again.

- 12 month guarantee so you can feel sure knowing you are covered for the next 3 years.

- 24 hour delivery time so you can get quickly your hands on our product and begin enjoying it as soon as possible.

If these 3 points have been targeted to overcome your suspects fears, frustrations or satisfy their wants succinctly and directly, there is every chance they will proceed to the next phase.

A is for Action

This leads us to the whole point of the advert, when the coin drops to the bottom of our funnel or this fish takes the bait. Our suspect takes action.

Make sure this is as easy as possible, like call now or click here. In our current day and age if the action step is to hard or as to many steps, the suspect may throw their hands in the air and walk away.

A final killer closer strategy to turn your suspect into a prospect (that is the suspect takes action and contacts you) is to include here is a powerful offer such as call now and first time buyers will receive a [insert mouth watering offer equal in value to your average acquisition cost].

Now its time to take your prospect through your sales process and turn them into a customer if you are able to help them.

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