What is your uniqueness?

Have you got a uniqueness?

In other words have you got a niche? Because when you find a niche, you get rich.

If you look at the word unique and break it down unique you so 'uni' means one and que as in a line people, you are first in the queue in the minds of your customer.

Having that USP or unique selling proposition is like your secret weapon in building your business and a lot of people think that the USP should define their entire business. It can but it doesn't have too.

You see your USP can be delivered in a number of different ways and in fact, it's just a marketing tool.

Of course you have to still deliver on the promise of what you're your uniqueness is but you can have more than one uniqueness, or you can have more than one niche.

If you think about it the uniqueness, the Unique Selling Proposition is just a marketing tool. It's a way to get the attention of a particular segment of your market

a unique segment of your market.

To think that you can be all things to all people is a recipe for disaster.

The narrower you are able to go with your uniqueness and the deeper you are able to get the more powerful. You will have a place in the market, so think about what is it that you do that is unique?

If you would become world famous for one thing in your business whether it's a product or service, or the way you deliver one or the other what would it be?

Hope that give you something to think about today, and you have a fantastic


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