What are your staff paid for?

Think of one of your staff members, now what is the number one thing that you pay this person for?

This can be a tricky question for business owners to answer with a meaningful response.

(I go into this in a lot more detail in my book “Find Your Ideal Employee”)

The most common response I get, after some thinking is “keeping our customers happy”.

To which I respond, so how do you measure that?......😳

The challenge with vague answers like this, is it generally gives vague results.

What one person thinks is keeping a customer happy could be different to what another person thinks.

Peter Drucker once said, you can manage what you don’t measure, to which I will add if you can’t measure it then it doesn’t exist.

Quite simply by measuring I mean that it is either a number or a binary result (ie, yes or no, complete or incomplete etc)

For the customer service example, one measure could be a certain number of google reviews with a certain star rating. Eg 4 google reviews a week with minimum 4 stars, could answer what the person in charge of customer service is paid for.

Once you are clear on what the number one thing someone is paid for, go on to number two and three etc. Sometimes there may be only one thing.

If you and the staff member are clear on what they are paid for, their job becomes a whole lot easier in terms of what they focus on and so does yours in keeping them accountable.

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