Vision in Business

Wanted to talk to you about Vision in business.

This is a really important distinction that I see with the people who I work with, my business Olympian high-end clients and a lot of other business owners who are just ticking along.

The business owners like Olympians that I work with have big visions and this is something a lot of people really struggle with.

If you're an employee and I say this with the greatest respect you probably thinking time frames of week to week or Fortnight to Fortnight.

And it basically depends on what your pay cycle time frame is. For next level up, a business owner, you probably think in month-to-month time frames because that's when a lot of our bills are due whether it's rent, power, or those sorts of things.

But then there's a big jump up to the business owners who think longer term who have bigger Visions where you are placing your time frame in thought is generally a really good indication of how bigger vision thinking you are.

And this is really tough for a lot of people because they can't imagine themselves five years into the future all their business, but it's also a fun thing to do because you can play with it.

You can make it up. Anything is possible and if there's one thing that I've learned over my life in business and life in general is that most of us are making this up as we're going along.

It doesn't matter whether you're the president or the prime minister or someone at a high level or if you're just someone else who's poking along.

Maybe you are a mum at home, maybe you're an employee, doesn't matter.

You can make a vision up to be whatever you want it to be and then get after it.

A vision in business is there to engage, enroll and inspire your team and yourself.

If you're not excited about what you're doing in your business, then why would anyone else be. It's quite a lengthy process to create a vision, that I kind of really like working with this on my clients because it really engages them and gets them fired up and that then flows onto the rest of their team.

So having a big Vision, although it might be challenging initially is a big important part of growing a successful business.

So, how big is your vision? Is it clear for where you want your business to be in 5 years 10 years or you only thinking week to week, month to month.

Anyway, Have a great day!

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