Time Vampires - they suck...

Do you know who or what your time vampires are?

If you are using that bullshit excuse that you didn't have time to get something done that you committed you would to someone, have a look at your time vampires.

Now, a time vampire can be as the name suggests a normal vampire sucks your blood, a time vampire sucks your time.

You need to get very protective of your time.

You need to treat it as your most valuable asset in life because it is, once you've used your time, you can't go down to the corner shop and buy some more.

Time vampires can be people. Who are the people that you are maybe letting have too much of your time instead of you doing the things that you need to be doing.

It can be things. Maybe you're spending a lot of time playing, I don't know! Xbox or Playstation or something like that.

It can be the internet. So it could be Googling things looking things up. It can be social media. Facebook, Instagram, etc. etc. Or maybe it's just normal media. Maybe you'll watching too much news, too much TV, too much movies.

Now, all of those things are important. But you got to make sure that they're not sucking all your time away as in a vampire that sucks blood.

So, if you are uncertain about what you should do, start to notice what you notice about your time.

Have a think about your time when you're blasting through it in the day. Are you spending it or are you investing it?

Spending is not going to get you a return. Whereas, investing will get you some time back with interest if you don't properly in the future.

If you are managing your time properly and getting rid of the time vampires, watch out for them! They suck!

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