The Ultimate Business

Today I want to talk about the ultimate business.

What is the ultimate business and how do you know when you have it?

Obviously there's personal goals and things because your business is a

vehicle to help you get the lifestyle you want.

But what is the ultimate business is something I often ponder.

So here's my take on it the ultimate business. It is one that is completely

referral driven.

You don't have to market.

You don't have to advertise.

It's referral driven.

You must be doing a pretty good job. So your customers

and clients are telling all their friends about

you, and they're doing it in a pretty significant way.

In fact a further distinction to the ultimate business apart from having referrals only

would be that you have a waiting list of clients or prospects or people who want to deal with you.

So my question today, is your business completely referral

based? If no why not?

What is it that you're missing in what you do so that the people who you are serving

can't help but want to tell all their friends and family about how good your business is.

Interesting thing that goes with this, is that a business that is doing that, well is probably making pretty good margin, as well. So the finances are taking care of itself particularly if you have a waiting list of clients of the ultimate business.

Have a great day.

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