The only thing that doesn't change in business is......

That everything changes.

If there has been one salient point about the pandemic and recent history is that everything we know can change in the relative blink of an eye.

The way we do business today could be completely different, to how we do it this time next year. Think about how we were doing business just 5 years ago, what are some of the major shifts in your industry?

So how do we make sure we are ready for this inevitable part of the fabric of life?

Firstly, be flexible.

It is very difficult to change anything if it is not flexible. Just because something worked exceptionally well 6 months ago, does not mean it is a permanent thing.

It is important to set clear outcomes that inspire you to achieve and fulfill you when attained, in life and business. But it is our flexibility in the path we take to get there that will determine the likely hood of the outcome.

Secondly, keep yourself and your team evolving, learning, and training.

If you are not focused on keeping yourself and your team in good shape, you will inevitably miss opportunities that present themselves because you are not ready for them.

Finally, stay curious.

Your growth will be proportional to your curiosity. The “I know” factor that I strongly caution my clients about kicks in here. When you say “I know” about something, your brain shuts down and you lose the opportunity to learn finer distinctions. It is the finer distinctions that can ultimately be the difference between winning and losing, just ask the silver medallist at the Olympics.

Being aware of this gravity principle of change is key and in and of itself can make a massive difference in your business.

My suggestion is to become powered by change not affected by it.

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