The Feel Factor, do you have it covered?

People wont necessarily remember what you or your business did for them, they will remember how you made them feel.

We humans are pretty emotional creatures, in fact 80% of purchasing decisions are made based on the emotional side of the scale, but we will use logic to justify an emotional decision to avoid looking silly.

What do you have in your customer fulfilment system that is targeted specifically at catering for the emotional needs that the person has around the product or service you provide, so that when they think of you they remember the feeling you want them to have.

Here is one of my favourite examples that I use when I am working with my clients or running workshops around this area...

Imagine that you are an electrical contractor. You have just done the most amazing installation of a power socket in the history of mankind. Its perfect. Everything is perfectly level, the termination of the wires in the sockets at the back is precision at its finest. If there was an olympic event for electrical outlet installation, you would be the gold medal winner.

However, the owner comes home and they don't see things quite the same. In fact they are a little miffed and don't see a gold medal performance rather a disqualification. Despite your amazing craftsmanship, you left a dirty finger mark on the wall and there is still dust below where you installed the socket.

As a result, the client never calls you back for more work and then proceeds to tell their friends at a Barbecue on the weekend (read my article on the Barbecue Factor), that you were a messy contractor and that they would not recommend you! Boom, thousands of dollars down the drain in repeat and referral business because you ignored the Feel Factor!

You see the client, who knows nothing about electricity, couldn't care less about how good the exemplary quality of your installation is, they only know how they felt when they saw the dirty finger mark and pile of dust. You may think well screw them, what would they know! Here is a newsflash, your business is all about what your customer thinks, after all they pay the bills.

On the other hand, I remember getting my car serviced once a while back. After the account had been settled, I hoped in my car to head home. The first thing I noticed was that the floor had been vacuumed, then I noticed the windscreen had been cleaned too. My feel factor went through the roof that these guys had taken the time to do these 2 little things that made such a difference in my opinion. As I released the handbrake, I noticed it felt tighter. I have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of how cars work, but for that instant, I felt aware that something had been fixed.

I then referred a bunch of friends to these guys based on the experience that I had with them and talked about them at Barbecues on the weekend.

This feel good experience was no mistake, it was a well considered part of my experience with the business that had a big effect on how it made my feel and my experience.

What do you have in place to consistently deliver the feelings that you want your customer to have once they have completed a transaction with you?

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