The dog at my homework...

You've probably heard of the old reason that the dog ate my homework as a crappy excuse we might have used when we're at school for when we didn't get something done.

Do you know what the adult version of the dog ate my homework is?

I was too busy!

See here's the thing.

Whenever you use the ohh I'm too busy.. I didn't get it done excuse, what you're really telling the other person is that whatever it was that you were going to do for them is not important enough.

Let's be brutally honest on this.

So if you've been using the excuse of I don't have time, well, here's the thing and if you've seen some of my other posts we all get same amount of time in a day, but if you are finding yourself saying that I'm too busy a lot of the time probably means your over-promising and under-delivering.

What that means is that the person who you are doing it too, is probably feeling a bit ripped off.

So I challenge you to under commit and over-deliver.

If you don't think you can do something then don't do it. Don't commit to it.

Don't commit to someone that you are going to do it and then not do it and then use the bullshit excuse that I didn't have time.

So just remember if you find yourself saying that excuse again, it's like the dog ate my homework, and it's not very cool. Have a great day!

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