Sprinting for effectivness

This curve is I call this my ski jump or my cash jump curve and it is one of the most profound things that I've ever come across and it is just sexy as hell.

So, how does it apply to time?

Because we've talked about in the past about how time management is bullshit.

We can't manage time. We can only manage ourselves.

So one of the really important tricks with this is managing your brain neurology and there's a thing that happens with your brain when you keep it focused and still for around 10 to 15 minutes. And what happens is the neocortex or the frontal lobe dampens down all your emotional centers in your brain and allows you to focus. And this can be a bit tricky sometimes because what will happen is people will get started and then they'll get distracted on something, get started and then get distracted again.

So you need to be able to stay on the curve and I talked about this in the book as we got to stay on the curve, we got too stay in line.

But what most people are doing is they're starting on the curve and then they're getting off the curve and have to go back to the start of the line.

Whereas, if you can stay on the curve and as I said for about 10 to 15 minutes for most people your effectiveness exponentially increases as your brain calms down those other areas.

So your focus power gets higher and higher, you go into to something that is called the zone and we all have heard of the Zone in different parts of our lives.

But here is a really powerful thing to do and I call these time sprints. It's something that I work my clients around is having these chunks of uninterrupted time where you get into a sprint because your output is four or five times more effective than when you're getting distracted and getting pulled off the curve.

So get out there today try some time sprinting and get your productivity and effectiveness going through the roof.

Have a good day!

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