Show me the money!

Jerry said "Show me the money!" in the famous quote from the movie Jerry Maguire.

The other famous part of the movie was Jerry's mission statement that drove the whole plot of the movie, do you remember it?

But mission and vision for business owners is quite confusing sometimes.

So here is my take with those in my Business Olympians group that we work on. There's Vision, there's Mission, and there's Culture.

So if vision is what we see if we use a human metaphor, then the values is the heart and the mission is the hands and the feet.

It's the part that the vehicle that we're going to travel in to get to the vision.

So it generally describes how you are going to do, whatever it is that your mission is.

So with ActionCOACH our mission is to create a coach in every business so that they can

actually do what we do in their own business and we do that through our vision of world abundance through business re-education.

But there are a number of other different businesses that have a mission that is about how they do it.

For some businesses it's about creating extraordinary customer service experience. For some businesses their mission is to deliver high-quality products or services.

If you look at the word Mission, break it down as ‘miss’ and then there's ‘ion’.

Now, an ‘ion’ is a charged particle. And basically if you look at it, ‘miss’ is something that is missing and the charged particle so we are charged about something that is mission that's what the journey to the vision is about.

It's the vehicle that we go from point A to point B, that's the mission to get to the vision and to do it with heart.

So, what's your mission? Are you clear on it? Are you living it every day?

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