Questions are the answer

I have a question for you. How good are you at asking questions?

I've just finished doing a talk for one of our local high schools and the talk was called “What I Wish I Knew.”

And I shared some of the principles that are most important for me in the way that I live my life and the people I work with and my kids.

And one of those principles is about quality questions.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions that you ask.

See, here's the thing.

It's never the answer that we're seeking, that’s what the problem, it's usually the question just before the answer we are looking for, because when you come up with the right question the answer pops for you.

So, more often than not we get stuck in a loop of bad or unhelpful questions.

So one of the things that I work with my clients on is asking them correct questions to help them find better options.

You see when we're stuck, It's not usually because of a lack of resources. It's usually a lack of resourcefulness and one of the best resources we have as humans is questions. Questions are important not only to ask of others but to also ask themselves.

So there's two types of questions, open-ended and closed-ended.

Closed-ended is a yes or no answer being the only thing that you can answer the question with and an open-ended gives you more room to talk about things.

Open ended questions start with who, where, what, why, how and when, and they give you much more flexibility to have a conversation. And it's amazing how often sometimes just by talking about things in an open-ended way solutions come up.

So, how are you going with your questions? And what are you doing to get better at it?

Have a cracking day!

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