Money = Idea x Confidence

I wan

t to talk about money, cash, and I want to give you a definition for money that goes along the lines of money is an idea backed by confidence.

So, you can have lots of ideas and no confidence and consequently, not much money.

You can have lots of confidence and no ideas and consequently, not much money.

But when you get them together, it's very powerful. In terms of generating cash for your business.

So, you may have some great ideas but something I see a lot of with business owners is that they lack confidence and the big thing I've noticed is that there's three C's. Confidence, Cash, and a Cause that really defined what makes a successful business.

So how do you get confidence?

Well, it's different for everybody.

You've got to be able to know what makes you tick and where you are confident.

One of the things that I work on with my clients when I first start with them is getting them to understand the numbers and the right numbers for their business, and it's amazing how much confidence that gives them to be able to finally understand the numbers that drives their business and do really well.

So, think about your confidence and how you get your confidence add it to your ideas and see what happens with your money.

Have a great day!

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