Leverage it up - part 1 of 4

I have a special Christmas present coming out shortly for everyone so make sure you check in, in the next few days.

Today I wanted to come back to talking about leverage.

Leverage, fundamentally means ever more with ever less.

If we have fixed time (ie 24 hours in a day), what do we need to do to

get more from our time more activities out of the time we have available?

And the Answer is leverage.

So in business there's four key areas that I'm going to talk about, 1 per blog.

So the four areas are

  1. Systems and Technology

  2. Testing and Measuring

  3. People and Education

  4. Delivery and Distribution

So systems and technology is what i will cover today and it refers to things such as processes, software, machinery anything that is driven by energy from a source other than you maybe an electrical or even mechanical power sources, fall into systems and technology.

A couple of examples are if you think from an accounting perspective, once upon a time we used to keep records with paper, and it's actually known as a double entry accounting systems.

So every time you would do one transaction, you have to record it in two places on the profit loss or cash statement or balance sheet to correctly log it.

(Watch my youtube video to find out more)

Now we have systems like MYOB and Xero and Quicken and all those sorts of systems that's leverage on a technological basis.

Where are the other areas you can be using technology better in your business?

Are you using things like a database systems that you can be contacting

a whole bunch of people with one message?

Are you using Facebook advertising, if it's relevant for your target market?

Are you using other online platforms and things like Canva for simplified graphic designs, or Freelancer and Fiver, what about systems like Kartra to manage webpages and online purchase transactions.

What are the things that you could be looking up to find out where you can leverage your time better through technology and systems even from a systems perspective?

What are you doing in your business that is written down and maybe documented with checklists or templates that you can build it once and you can give it to somebody else to do, whether you hire or subcontract someone.

Over the next few days we will have a bit of a deep dive into each one of those.

In the meantime I hope you're on track for a great Christmas and you're leveraging as

much as you can. Maybe in the meantime Google (another technological leverage tool) what are the top 10 ways for leveraging systems and technology and see which one you can adapt.

Have a great ay and keep an eye out for that special surprise I've got in the next few days.

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