Lessons from Tony Robbins - Part 3

In any activity, be it a sport, a hobby or even a business there are certain types of people. Some are meant to succeed while others fail or even quit. Tony Robbins has grouped these people into three types: the dabblers, the achievers, and the masters. Knowing where you are now can help you become better whether in business or in life.

The Dabbler

The dabbler likes to try a lot of new things. New things excite him a lot and get a lot of his attention. Let’s say Michael Jordan wanted to try basketball. Everybody knows who Michael Jordan is but let us just assume that at this point he is just a dabbler. The logical step would be to pick up a basketball and go shoot some hoops.

So Mr. Jordan goes to a local gym and starts playing. He sees that he is a bit good at what he does. Well, that is until he meets the biggest and meanest kid on the block. That big kid beats him at the game every time and when he is fed up, he quits. That is what you call a dabbler and the big kid represents the plateau. A dabbler simply tries an activity and when he hits that wall and it gets the better of him, he finds it hard to go beyond it. Thinking that it is too hard to become better, he quits and finds something else to do.

The Achiever

The achiever goes beyond trying out new things. As the name suggests, they achieve some level of success in the chosen field. The achiever will go past the first plateau by practicing and becoming better. There is a lot of struggle involved and also a bit of stress.

Continuing with our example, Mr. Jordan got beat by a bigger and stronger kid at basketball. So what Mr. Jordan would do is to practice and workout. He trains himself to become faster, stronger and more proficient in basketball, and then he would overcome the challenge and beat his rival.

The achiever will try his hardest to overcome the plateau that constantly hounds him. As he becomes better, there are more plateaus to be tackled and each time, the achiever will do his best to overcome it.

The Master

The Master is different from the first two types because to achieve greatness in his chosen field. He seeks help from someone who has done it before.

Having another person look at your skills and see where you can improve is better and faster than figuring it out on your own. Look for someone in your neighborhood or social circles for someone who is better than you and has achieved the level of success that you want to reach and let that person teach you. To become a master, you have to first be a student.

As a continuation of our little story, Mr. Jordan seeks to become the best basketball player that he can be. He goes on to join the school varsity where he is developed by his coach. He goes on to join a college with an excellent basketball program where he further develops. Then he goes to the professional league and under the guidance of a champion player and coach, he becomes the best player ever to play the game.

In life and in business, you will start out on your own. You can learn everything you need to know on the internet these days. You can build yourself and become an achiever but to really stand out, you need to find someone to mentor you. The role of the mentor will be to see beyond your perspective and help you develop further when you reach your personal limits.

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