Lessons from Tony Robbins–Part 1

As we go through our daily lives, there are events that happen. These events may or may not be under our control. What defines our lives is not the events but how we react to them. When an event happens, a series of steps happen unconsciously within us that make up the quality of our lives.

Let us explore these steps and understand how we can shape our lives using these events.

Events > Meaning > Emotion > Life


Events are the day to day things that we experience. There are events that we cannot control and others we have some degree of control. These experiences may be positive or negative. It can be easy for us to look at a positive experience in a good way but it is hard for us to see the good that is associated with a bad experience.


The next step when an event happens to us is that we give meaning to it. The meaning we give is directly related to our values, beliefs and the current state of mind. Every experience will have different meanings for each individual because we tend to have different values and belief systems. An event may have a positive meaning to one person but can be a negative experience for another. Even a positive event can have a negative meaning if the current state of the person is downbeat.


The meaning that we attach to each experience is translated into emotions. An event with a positive meaning can lead to positive emotions like feeling happy and upbeat. In the same way, negative meaning will almost always yield negative emotions such as anger or fear.


Our emotions dictate our lives. Being upbeat and happy will attract all the positive things in the world. Feeling down can lead to us not being able to see the beauty of life and drive away any success that is meant for us. We rely so much on emotions for dealing with day to day events.

So how do we make our lives better? Life experiences may be good or bad. Yes, it is easy to translate positive experiences to meaning and ultimately to emotions. However, when faced with a bad experience, we need to see what good we can take out of the event. Experiences build character and the character we need to build is a positive one.

In order to have the best in life, we should always have positive emotions. Having positive emotions is a result of seeing the good out of every experience.

The next time you are confronted by a negative situation in your life, try to look for the good in it. You can look at it as a learning experience and take important lessons about life. This will make you feel better and confident about the next time you encounter a similar situation.

Remember that it is not the situation that defines who you are but what you do about it. I hope you learned something from today’s blog. Have a nice day!

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