Know, Like, Trust, Repeat, Refer.

Let's talk about some sales things today and how people make purchasing decisions.

Let me ask you, have you ever bought anything from someone you didn't like?

It's an interesting thing to ponder because that's one of the secrets of actually getting someone to buy from you and the sequence basically goes, know you, they must know who you are, they must like you as a person, and they must trust you before they're going to buy from you.

So your sales process needs to include those elements Know, Like, and Trust.

The next thing that happens is we want them to buy again from us, after their first purchase.

So repeat purchase, which is part number 4.

And then the last part is referral.

We want them to tell their friends and family who are just like them, about us, and that we are really good to buy from. So, we get what's called then transferal of trust because if they trust you what happens when they tell someone about you is they transfer some of that trust inherently across which speeds up the process of getting someone to buy from you.

This is an interesting point in that the first thing people need to be aware of is they need to know you, which you can do through advertising, conversations, or a number of different things.

But what do you need to do to get them to like you?

And the fastest way to connect with someone is by finding where your values are in common and if you've had a look at the values video from before that will start to make sense. Then you need to be able to get them to trust you.

So if you could guarantee your product or service, and that guarantee has evidence that that it would be held, then there's a very good chance that I will trust you, and then hopefully you can fulfill what they're looking for. They will then repeat buy from you and then go out and tell their friends, particularly when you exceed their expectations.

Know, Like, Trust, Repeat, Refer. That's how a sale system works.

Have a great day!

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