Know, Like and Trust

There are factors that need to be in place for a sale to be successful. On top of the list would be clients need to like the sales person and trust the company. Other factors would be the need for the product and value for money.

Today we will be focusing on the likeability and the trust for the sales person and for the company. We will also be talking about examples on how you can progress from a stranger to a trusted merchant.


The first step in the sales journey is for the sales person to be known to the client. You might start with an email or a cold call based on the leads that you have generated. It would depend on the industry you are working with on what the first step would be. Other techniques to make yourself known could be handing out flyers about your services with your contact details.

One good example would be sending out emails to prospective clients just to get a feel of whether they are interested in your product and services. In your introductory email, you should also be able to present the company background and also your personal background. You can follow up the email with a call just to check if they read your correspondence.


When the client responds to your introductory emails, the next thing a sales agent needs to do is to make the client like you. Engage them in a phone conversation or even client call. Come into the picture not as a sales person but more as a peer or a friend. Do not rush in and present everything all at once. Remember the main goal of this phase is to make prospective clients like you.

An example of an activity would be a simple meeting over coffee or perhaps visiting the client’s office. Remember to engage the client as a person and not as a bag of cash. Do not go looking for sales on the first meeting.

Know his interests, his business, and even his personal life and find ways to connect with your clients. When you have their attention, that will be the time to give your sales pitch. When they like you, they will take the time to listen to you. Do remember that when the time comes, establish not only your own credentials but also the company’s.


The moment a client trusts a sales person or a brand, it will be easier for the sale to be finalised. For you to be trusted, you must not appear that you are just after a sale. Establish a long term relationship by offering your services even after the sales.

After sales service is one key factor for clients to trust a brand. Studies have even shown that 68% of clients are lost because they feel unimportant to businesses.

When a client already trusts you as a sales person and also your company and is ready to buy from you, it would be best to assure them that you will be there for them if they need support or consultation. Make the clients feel that they are in good hands even years after the sale has been closed. This trust will earn you repeat business. Remember that clients who come back are easier to sell to.

The sales process may differ from one product / service to another. It may take just one meeting to close a sale or it may take a year. It all depends on how a sales person deals with his client. Remember to be a friend first before being a sales person. A good sales person will recognise the right time to make the pitch. So be patient and remember not to rush things.

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