How to win Simon Says, with 3000 other players.

Have you heard of Anthony Robbins, he is probably the most high profile personal coach in history, having worked with the likes of Oprah, Bill Clinton and Andre Agassi.

A few years ago, I attended one of his 4 days workshops called Unleash the Power Within. Amongst other challenges, during this time I did a firewalk!

But one of the biggest learnings I got from this event was when we played Simon Says.

I’m a competitive guy and I thought I would be a shot at winning, alas I was out after about the first minute LOL.

It came down to 6 people on stage, with the prize being a week on Anthony’s Island at one of his courses, valued at $10,000.

So with the final 6 reminded of the rules, the first Simon Says, was posed.

“Simon Says, turn and face your partner”

So what did they do?

They all turned and faced their partner who was standing beside them, except for one guy.

He proceeded to turn in circles on the spot.

You see, as soon as Simon adds anything after the original instruction, it doesn’t count, so when he said “Turn AND face your partner” everything after the and didn’t count, so 5 out of the 6 on stage were eliminated.

As they interviewed the winner, they asked him “why out of 3000 people did you win?”

He stood silently for about 10 seconds before answering, then he said…

“Every time you gave an instruction, I paused and really thought about what you said”.

How often do we mindlessly react to something we hear without actually thinking?

One of my clients recently renamed this for me, the power of the pause.

That couple of seconds we take before we re-act (or do what we have always done), as opposed to calming a bit then making a good decision or at least asking a better question.

See how many times you can catch yourself re-acting instead of pausing this week.

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