How to review 2019

Past performance is generally the best predictor of future performance. If you were happy with how your 2019 went then there is a very good chance 2020 will be much the same. If you would like 2020 to be better than 2019, then read on.

The big advantage that humans have is our ability to change and evolve, which is a must given the rapid pace of change that is constantly happening around us. The first step in the change process is conscious awareness. This is where a deep annual personal review can set you on a new trajectory for getting more of what you want for the new year.

Give yourself a good hour to sit down, when you wont be disturbed, grab a glass of wine if you feel like it and spend some time reviewing, thinking and taking notes on the last 12 months, following the guide below. Have access to your diary or calendar for the last year to help jog your memory.

When I am working with my clients, our focus is always around building a business to get the lifestyle we want. In my opinion that is the purpose of your business. There are 7 areas of life that we need to consider in our annual review process.

Here is my list;

1. Vocational - this can be your business or your job. (the word origins of vocational come from voice, or calling, what you are called to do in life).

2. Family - Our relationships with spouse, kids, parents, siblings etc.

3. Financial - All to do with how we create income, spend and save money.

4. Mental - This area is all about learning and knowledge.

5. Physical - Health, fitness and appearance.

6. Social - How we choose to be involved in our community.

7. Spiritual - Your connection to a higher power and living on purpose.

Because we are all unique human beings, we all have different weightings on the importance of the different areas. For the people I work with, vocational is generally speaking the highest and most valued area. Take a minute to know rank the 7 areas above according to what is most important to you. Its OK if some of the areas above are not important to you.

Now, start with your number 1 area, then go through and ask yourself the following questions, (be brutally honest with yourself, no BS, if need be ask for the feedback of those who will give it to you straight such as mentors and coaches);

1. What was my biggest achievement? Why was able to achieve this?

2. What didn't I get achieved that I wanted to? Why not?

3. What were some of my biggest learnings? How do I apply them this next year?

4. What would I do differently if I could?

5. What am I most grateful for?

6. Who do I need to acknowledge for helping me? When will I do that?

7. When was I at my best? How did I create that?

8. When was I at my worst? How did I create that?

Once you are happy with the review of your most important area, move on to the next, until you have completed your year in review.

Put your review somewhere handy, so that you can easily find it next year when you do your review then, hopefully you will see how much you have grown.

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