Hire your weakness, because...

Hire your weakness.

So what does that mean?

Well one of the things I see a lot of business owners and leaders try to do is hire themselves and what that usually ends up with is the person if they find the person shooting off and starting their own business because they have all the traits that the business owner has and as a result they then learn everything they can from the business owner, and then they shoot off and do their own thing.

So what you looking to do when you're hiring is, you don't want to hire someone who can do everything like you do because that's what's inevitably gonna happen.

They're going to have that bit of a drive in them and want to go out and start their own business. This is why we've got to be clear on our position descriptions and not hire, potential business owners.

We want to hire the person, that's the perfect fit for that particular position.

Now one of the things I'm going to suggest that you want to consider is have a think about what you're weaknesses are what are the things that you don't like doing and that you wish you had someone else to do.

Then what we're going to do is actually start to build those types of roles into your business and hire people to do the stuff that you don't like in other words hire your weakness.

So if you don't like doing all the paperwork in admin or the bookkeeping all that sort of thing that's the first place you need to start.

Then what we are going to look at then is going up the complexity level of the type of role that you're having to fill.

Ideally you're the only one in this business who should be out the front leading the people if there are other people doing all the leading then you're not doing your job.

Your job is to hire people who can do it better than you can and then lead those people.

So make a list of your weaknesses and then start to think about what role in your business can do this.

If you haven't got your ORG chart done, you can get it in the FYIE vault, I've got templates of an org chart, you should be able to get access to that it's a paid subscription.

How do you get your weakness allotted so you can spend more time doing the things that are a much higher value on your priority list and that way the business will grow faster and you can start to get more of what you really want.

Need help with this, book a Staff Brainstorming Session with me.

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