Features vs Benefits

Features and benefits can often be mixed up. Business owners usually make the mistake of simply highlighting features when advertising when they should also be focusing on the benefits. This is probably because most do not know the difference between features and benefits. Also, a lot of business owners make the mistake that features make clients buy their products rather than benefits.

Let’s discuss briefly what features and benefits are and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage in selling and advertising.

What are features?

Features are what make a product. They represent what the company views the product should be and what it is capable of doing. It also shows the quality of the product and the company producing it.

Let us take a smartphone as an example. A common feature would be that it has a camera that takes photos in a certain number of megapixels; 13 would be a good number in terms of megapixels in cameras. Another feature would be that it has the Bluetooth technology. And lastly, our smartphone has an internal memory of 64 gigabytes.

This would make a short list of features common to most smartphones out in the market today.

What are benefits?

You could think of benefits as the results of having a certain feature. It is what the client would gain because the product has a certain feature. The relationship being that without the feature there would be no benefit. What most entrepreneurs do not understand is that benefits, not features, sell products since benefits appeal to clients more than just features. Features are just features unless they have a certain benefit to a client. Benefits answer the question: “why should I buy this product?”

Going back to our example of a smartphone, the features we listed will have benefits related to them. The feature of having a 13-megapixel camera will have the benefit of taking clear and vibrant photos the most memorable moments in your life or the beauty of the world around you. A benefit of the Bluetooth technology would be that it can interface or connect with certain devices around it. The internal memory space has the benefit of having enough storage space for all your music, movies and photos.

How do you use features and benefits?

A good advertising campaign highlights features and benefits. The best way to make that emotional connection to your target market is to list the features and add the simple phrase “so you” before its benefit. Doing so will instantly make that emotional connection to your client and make them like the product and hopefully, buy it.

Let us apply that to our example of the features and benefits of the smartphone:

  • This smartphone has a 13-megapixel camera so you can capture those priceless moments of your life in vibrant and clear photos and share it with others.

  • The smartphone has Bluetooth technology so you can connect your phone with other Bluetooth devices.

  • The internal memory of the smartphone is 64 gigabytes so you can take your favorite music, movies and photos with you anywhere you go.

Just by adding a simple phrase you are able to connect better to your clients while highlighting the features and benefits of your product. The bottom line is that a client will buy not because of features but because of the emotional connection created by the benefits. So take advantage of this by adding that connection to your advertising campaigns and product flyers.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to become better entrepreneurs! Have a nice day!

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