Everybody Judges

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

See, I bet you just did it then ;-)

In this day and age there is so much focus and attention on judgement and discrimination

But here's the thing.

Everybody judge's, it's what we are programmed to do.

It's actually a prehistoric protection mechanism from an evolutionary perspective.

We needed to be able to make a decision about the people and animals who were nearest and if they were friend or foe quickly. Otherwise we were potentially

clubbed or eaten or our families taken and our loot stolen.

So what happens when we observe an event, it goes into our brain and into our filter system, We filter for amongst many other traits, skills, beliefs, values and identity, and then

we compare it to our model of the world.

That's the judge bit thus the blog picture shows the scales of judgement.

That's the bit where we compare what we've just observed, which is distorted

anyway, because it goes through our own filter system, and then we compare it to what we have already stored in our memory and own makeup which is also observed in the past, and we make a decision.

But this is where it gets interesting.

If we just react and do what we always done then that's where the trigger of judgement comes out amongst the lot of people.

As business owners and people who play the game at a higher level, this challenges us to stop and ask some better questions around the comparison and necessarily that immediate judgement.

This can be very difficult particularly when we are emotionally charged, it's hard to take a

breath and be a little bit more, shall we say reserved in our judgement of something.

So just notice next time you may feel the you are judging something or maybe feel you are being judged.

This is when we talk about above and below the line going from below the line to above the line.

Is it more often than a conscious decision so taking those couple of seconds to pause think

and ask yourself some better questions is a really really important skill to have and apply

as a business owner and probably equally, if not more important as a human being because

nobody likes being judged negatively in the least.

Even the fact that you are judging someone when they are judging

you is a bit of an interesting mindflip.

So spend some time pondering how you are doing judgement

at the moment, and maybe take that bit of time

to ask some better questions.

Have a fabulous day.

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