Dreams and Goals

We all have dreams. Whether it is personal or in our business, we dream of living the comfortable life. Most commonly we dream of a successful life. The idea or definition of success may vary from person to person but what is common for everyone is that we all want it.

We often ask ourselves, how do we achieve the things we dream of?


In the ActionCOACH program, there is a formula for success.

Dreams x Goals x Plans x Actions = Success

We dream of a lot of things in our lives. These dreams get turned into goals and our goals become plans. Once we have plans, we take action and that will lead us to success. It sounds simple but it is hard in practice. For now, let us take it a step at a time and focus on dreams and goals.

Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of dreams that we want to achieve before we kick the bucket (before we die). Often times this list contains the things we want to do but do not have the courage or the time to do. It can include the places we want to visit and also the things we want to achieve.

An example of a short bucket list would be skydiving, climbing Mount Everest and earning ten million dollars. Nothing in that list is simple to do. A bucket list is supposed to be hard. The things on this list are once in a lifetime sort of things. It is good to make your bucket list and update it from time to time.


Goals, as the saying goes, are dreams written down with a date. The date is the deadline for achieving the dream you set out to accomplish. Dreams will stay dreams if you do not act on it. Attaching the deadline will add some pressure to take action on your dreams.

There can be multiple goals to achieve a single dream. Let’s say you want to climb Mount Everest. Your first goal would be to train your body for climbing. Set your date to learn how to climb and become fit for the task at hand. The next goal would be to climb one mountain, and then another until you get to the proficiency to go and conquer your dream of tackling Mount Everest.


A goal should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result Oriented and Time Bound (S.M.A.R.T.) in order for it to succeed. Let’s break each component down a bit.

A goal should be specific and clear. Let’s say you set out to run a marathon. That’s a specific goal; it’s not that you just want to run but I want to run a marathon. It is also measurable because a marathon is 42 kilometers long. If today you can run 5 kilometers then you are 1/8 of the way of reaching that goal.

It must also be achievable. Given that you are reasonably healthy and fit, it is achievable to run a marathon given the proper training and preparation. A goal should be result oriented; meaning the results of achieving such a goal would make you happy and will help you reach your dreams. Remember that goals are made to help you reach your dreams.

Lastly, it should be time-bound. Set a definite date because a goal without a deadline will be just a dream. With the timeframe that you set to achieve your goals, you can have a plan on meeting your goal.

The next phase of the journey to success is planning and taking action. That discussion is for another day.

Having dreams is the easy part. If you need help in setting goals, making plans or taking action, then contact Brad Flynn. He can help make your dreams a reality. Remember that dreams only become reality when you take action.

So make that list today and start working on reaching them. Good luck and have a nice day ahead!

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