Do you DiSC?

Interesting point to talk about today around personality styles.

Within your business and also when hiring and recruiting people it's really important to get this part right.

Otherwise, it can cost you a lot of cash.

There's a number of different psychometric behavioral profiling tools out there.

And as the name suggests psycho, the way they think metric as in measuring how they think.

The disc test is one that I'm a big fan of and one of the reasons I am a big fan is its quick and easy to use and understand and it's quick to match it into different roles within your business.

Essentially what the disc assessment does is measure four types of personality style.

And this is really important to get the right person with the right personality style into the right position in the business.

So there's four types and it's a combination of being outgoing or reserved or being people or task focused.

The first type is what's called a dominant personality style and we all have a mix of all of these but the dominant style is very direct straight to the point and goal-oriented. They like to get on with things nice and fast.

The next one is your influential style and they are very much about people and high-energy. They like being around lots of people they like leading conversations and they like helping other people as well.

Third type is the S style and that stands for stable and steady and they like things to be just nice and easy going along and it's really easy, but they don't like lots of change. They like things to stay the same.

The final style is the C type which is conscientious and they are very much about data and facts and information.

Now if you put an extroverted person into an introverted role, they're probably gonna think their heads about to explode and similarly around the other way.

So, if you want to try the disc assessment, there's a page on my website and you can buy one. I think they're $95 and produces you a 65 page report with everything you need to know.

Most of it can be summarized on the graph. So make sure you're looking at behavioral processing styles as part of your recruitment and placement within your business because it can make a huge difference.

The $95 dollars for the assessment will save you thousands in the long run.

So if you wanted to jump on my website have a look at it. I'll put a link down below and check it out.

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