Customer Service BBQ Factor

What does a BBQ have to do with Customer Service?

Given that it costs up to 6 times to get a new customer than keep one, having fantastic customer service is a must.

I was at a BBQ a while ago and there was the usual chit chat happening about a number of different topics. But there was one that stood out for me.

There was a couple there who had just sold a house and they were raving about their real estate agent. He had turned up on time to all their appointments, always got back to them whenever they had a question and got them the price he said he would. Coincidently, there was another couple who were thinking about selling their place, so what do you think happened?

Next BBQ a couple of months later and the same group of friends were there and lo and behold, the couple who were looking at selling at last BBQ were now also raving about the same real estate agent they had found out about at our last gathering.

So here is the thing, if your customers are not raving about you at a BBQ there is room for improvement in your customer service. How do you do that?

There are 3 key elements to great customer service;

1. Consistency

Being brilliant at customer service one day and then mediocre the next is the biggest mistake I see business owners and their team making. You must have a set of customer service standards that the owner and team understand and you must deliver on the consistently. Here are some examples

- Everyone always has their name badge on

- All phone calls must be answered in 2 rings with the same welcome script

- All missed calls must returned within 1 business day (industry dependant)

- Everyone must be acknowledged and greeted within 30 seconds of entering the shop.

- All quotes must be completed within 2 working days of request.

Get the picture? The key thing is set the standard and stick to it for everyone.

2. Make the purchase easy

In this day and age, people have short attention spans and if they can find a solution to their problem quick else where, they are gone, even if the solution is more expensive.

You must have a variety of ways for people to buy your product and service including, cash, eftpos, pay-pal, online, through apps and so on.

3. BBQ Factor

If you have got the 2 foundational steps above in place, now it is time to add the BBQ factor. This one may take sometime to work out within your business, but it will generally be around the speed or efficiency at which you can fix a customers key frustration within your industry. For example, tradesman being late, accountants/IT professionals who are hard to understand and so on.

Whatever you decide upon, the key question then becomes, "would somebody tell their friends about this at a BBQ on the weekend?"

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