Check Out What Your Values Are

Talking about something extremely valuable today.

Literally, values is what I want to talk about today.

And the thing about values is I've learned the most from a guy called John Demartini and the study of values is also known as axiology.

So if you really want to go deep in this he has a book called the values factor, and I promise you it is been one of the most significant things that has changed the way I do a lot of what I do.

So let's look at what a value is.

To me, a value is not something like honesty and integrity of course they are valuable there's social idealisms. To me, your life demonstrates your values and the way I define a value is a value is something that is important to you. And everybody has a unique hierarchy of values. And our life demonstrates those values. It's just up to us to go deep and work out what they are.

Look at John Demartini stuff he has a values test that you can do online that will help you really understand this.

So, values are something that is important to us.

Let's look at the word important.

And if you break it down like its name suggests. We are trying to import things into our lives that will help fulfill or fill up what is most valuable to us.

I think of it like glasses of water.

So your top three values the more you do things that fill those glasses up your highest values the more fulfillment you get.

So for me, my number one value is helping people build extraordinary businesses. My number two value is raising conscious kids. And my number three value is building great communities.

And if you follow me around my whole life demonstrates that and those of you who know me know that's true.

So check out what your values are. They become your guiding principles and are really important tool in helping you make decisions.

Enjoy your day and make it a valuable one!

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