Are you and your employees on the same team?

Imagine if you were playing some kind of team game.

Yet the people involved were missing 2 pieces of vital information.

1. Whose team are you on.

2. What's the actual game you are supposed to be playing.

Next thing you are all let out onto the playing field and a whistle is blown, indicating the start of the game (or at least that is what you think the whistle means).

Can you imagine what the chaos would be like as the different personality styles emerged and people start trying to work out what the hell is going on?

Sometimes this is what it can be like for a business and its employees.

Sport and games are a great metaphor for business to help owners and leaders understand how to get the results they want, ie win the game.

So, what are these parallels?

1. There is usually a winner.

Sport is easy to see who the winner is. But what would be a win for a business owner and their team, together and as individuals?

2. The players usually know what game they are playing and are usually grouped based on skill level, to keep the game interesting.

3. The players know the rules of the game and know they get penalised if the rules are broken. Do you have rules for the employees have you clearly articulated them and what the consequences are if they break the rules?

4. Games have a referee. Businesses have the government on one level and the business owner on another.

5. Teams that want to perform have a coach with players who want to be coached and improve their performance. In business, if at all, this is sometimes the owner or outsourced.

So if your business was like a sport and you were playing against your competitors (which you are), are you winning or losing?

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