5 Musts For A Sale

There is more to a sale than just making a good presentation. You might wonder why you can’t make a sale when you have already mastered the art of presenting your product or marketing it. Every person who goes into sales knows that there is more to it than product presentations.

Here are the five things you need in order to make a sale.

Like the salesperson

A sale is more about creating relationships than having a good sales presentation. If you have established a relationship with your client, then half of your job is done. Establish rapport early on by finding common ground with your client. You might be going to the same golf course or attending the same sporting events.

Find out more about your client than how fat their checkbook is.

Once you establish rapport, slowly build it. You need to earn their trust before making a sale. Again, sales is more about relationships, not products. A client who trusts you will surely buy from you at some point. So the first thing on your agenda is getting them to like you.

A Reputable Company

Just like trusting the salesperson, a client must also trust the company.

A reputable company will have an easier time selling its products than a startup with no credentials. Therefore, when presenting your products to your client, do not forget to present your company portfolio. Establish credibility as a sales person, then create trust not only for yourself but also the company. This is why the biggest brands in the industry like Apple or Nike can charge more for their products because of the trust that the consumer base has for the company.

Need for your product / service

A client will not buy from you if they do not need your product. When doing your sales pitch, emphasise on the need. Explain thoroughly why they need this product and how it can benefit them. When you establish the need, then the sale is closer to being done that you think. It will make them feel better to buy your product when you create the need. It will be like scratching a lingering itch to make it go away. A good salesperson will know how to package the product so that the client will feel that they need it.

Value for Money

It would be easier for clients to buy from you when they think they are getting more out of their hard earned money. Adding value to your product is key to winning a sale.

For example, product A and B are both hand soaps. Product A and B both can be used for washing your hands. However, product B has the additional benefit of being a moisturizer. Clients would naturally go with the product that has the additional benefit.

When doing your sales presentation, you need to explain to your client the added features of purchasing your product. This will make them feel that they are getting more from the product. That is how the smartphone became so popular. It offered more features than what the average mobile phone could give. Most consumers nowadays want everything they need in one product or a product that does one thing especially well.

As a salesperson, it will be your job to make them realise the benefits of buying your product.

Need it NOW

Again, clients will not buy if they do not need the product. They will most certainly not buy if they do not need it now. When you create the need for the product, always include why they need to purchase it now. Creating a sense of urgency will help you close the sale. It all comes down to your technique in creating the need and the urgency to purchase the product as soon as possible.

Having a sale is a matter of practice. If you feel the need to practice, ask a friend or a relative to stand in as a client. You can practice with them and they will give you feedback about what they like and what they don’t like about your presentation. Who knows, you might make a sale while practicing your sales pitch. So go on, practice your craft and make that sale! Best of luck!

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