What My Clients Say


If you are tossing up whether or not you should engage a business coach – just do it!! And Brad Flynn is your man!

I can’t thank Brad enough for the personal development path he has opened up for me. So many learnings but one thing keeps ringing in my ears – your business can not outgrow you!

In order to get your business to the next level you really need to work on yourself, your mindset and any limiting beliefs that maybe holding you back. Through working with Brad I have learnt that having a vision and purpose for your business or why you are in that business, that really resonates with you, and is aligned with your highest values, is so very important.


Knowing your WHY and really believing in it, helps you to be able to persevere and persist through all the challenges and fears you will face as you grow your business.

Having a business coach helps keep you accountable and focused. However, one of the best factors about working with Brad is being able to learn from and collaborate with his other client’s through Brad’s Business Olympians – awesome concept, where learning and supporting each other is encouraged and opens up a network of likeminded business owners for you to connect with.


Julie Aquilina

XL Books, Registered BAS Agents and Xero Training Specialists